The New Bauhaus


Architecture Design Film Festival
Opening Night Selection

Chicago International Film Festival
Opening Film: Architecture Program


László Moholy-Nagy
brought a movement
to Chicago.


A Film.


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As the Nazis took over Germany, many of the displaced Bauhaus masters found refuge in the United States. In 1937, László Moholy-Nagy came to Chicago to start the New Bauhaus. 


The school was far from successful initially, but through its various incarnations, Moholy-Nagy and his New Bauhaus forever transformed design, photography and arts education in America and beyond. 


In Chicago, The New Bauhaus evolved from its origins at the German Bauhaus into an extraordinary flowering of interdisciplinary design pedagogy premised on the notion that “the whole field of contemporary architecture and design must be based upon an indivisible unification of formerly separated and independent fields.”


The film’s narrative weaves original interviews with archival footage, voiceover, and stylized filming. The result is a new perspective view of a man who was ahead of his time and is increasingly relevant in today’s contemporary art and design discourses.


Following recent retrospectives of Moholy’s work at major museums, this film offers a more accessible and intimate, emotional journey through Moholy’s life and his work as an artist, designer, visionary, and teacher.


The New Bauhaus is a feature length documentary film currently in production. The film is slated to premiere in 2019, to coincide with the Bauhaus centennial anniversary. The New Bauhaus is produced by the production company, Opendox.


The New Bauhaus is a film about art, vision and perseverance in a transformative time.